A Syndicator is responsible for purchasing a racehorse and syndicating shares to members of the public. They may be aligned with or work closely with trainers who collaborate with them on conformation and breeding. You must have the correct licensing and accreditation to be able to legally advertise shares in a racehorse.

A Syndicator makes their money by putting a margin on the shares they sell but this must all be transparent in their Product Disclosure Statement (PDS). They will also manage the communication between the trainer and the owners they have sold shares to for the racing career of the horse.

There are strict guidelines about the selling of racehorse shares that a Syndicator must adhere to under the Australian Rules of Racing - these are enforced by the PRA stewards in each state and consumer affairs.

There is no set pathway to becoming a Syndicator. You will need to have a strong knowledge of racing and breeding, horse conformation and communication skills. It is a highly competitive area and very difficult to tap into because owners are drawn towards proven success.

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