What is is a web-based platform that allows employers within the racing industry to advertise positions. It has also been developed to assist job seekers looking for employment within the racing industry. The main aim of is to promote, encourage and strengthen employment within the racing industry and to assist both industry employers and job seekers.

Who runs is owned and operated by Racing Australia. Previously it was run by the Australian Racing Board, and was known as ATREC.

Who can advertise on

Any employer that has a vacant position in, or relating to, the Australian racing or breeding industry can advertise on

Advertisements not related to the racing industry, which are inappropriate, misleading or promote a product or service are not permitted. reserves the right to approve or reject advertisements at its absolute and final discretion.

Is a recruitment agency? is not a recruitment agency; it is a web-based platform that provides a vehicle for industry employers to reach job seekers and to give job seekers information on a number of available positions.

Why does the position I submitted not get published immediately?

Each position is individually reviewed, to confirm that the position is relevant to the racing industry to ensure a that a high level of information is provided and that the position is not inappropriate, misleading or promotes a product or service.

How often are positions reviewed and published?

Positions are reviewed throughout the day as they are received.

How do I know when my position has been published? will send you an email notification once your position has been approved and published.

How long will my position be advertised for?

The standard timeframe is for a period of 35 days, however employers have the option of setting a specific expiry date.

The position has not been filled, can the listing be extended?

When your position is nearing the expiry date, you will receive a email notification giving you the option of extending the listing if required.

Why do I have to enter in my contact details twice? appreciates that the person submitting the advertisement, may not be the person receiving applications, so the first set of contact details are for admin use only and are not published or given out. The second set of contact details are for applications as employers may prefer a certain method for receiving applications.

The position has already been filled, how do I remove it?

A position can be removed by logging into your listing via the link provided on your original approval email notification.

Why was my position rejected? reserves the right to reject any position from being published in particular if they are deemed to be not related to the racing industry, innappropriate, misleading or are promoting a product or service.

Who can I contact for support

To receive help or support with your job posts. Send any requests to .


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