Racing Operations



Each Principal Racing Authority has a Racing Operations department which run the administrative side of racing. Each PRA has a core vision and it is the role of Racing Operations to coordinate their programming, handicapping and other functions into something that ensures the greatest possible outcomes for its stakeholders. There are many pathways to entering Racing Operations - a strong interest and knowledge of racing is required and a degree such as Sports Management would give somebody the appropriate skills required for the roles.



Handicappers are responsible for determining what weight horses carry in a race. They are employed through the respective Principle Racing Authority and must have a good understanding of racing and be able to assess a horses racing form. Modern handicapping is ratings based, horses are all given a rating and this will determine the weight a horse will carry, this allows transparency and assists trainers in placing their horses. The handicapper will use some discretion in determining the rating of a horse after it has raced but must follow their PRA guidelines. Handicappers use more discretion to determine the weight of horses in major Group 1 handicaps around Australia.


Racing Officer

Racing Officers work under each PRA and are responsible for the coordination of race times and fields, adhering to the rules their respective PRA has in place surrounding these. They may undertake a number of other tasks within the administration of racing.


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