Other Raceday Services

These roles are only available on race day so the majority of people who hold these positions also work elsewhere. There is no set path to entering these roles but a strong knowledge of racing, customer service as well as a high level of integrity is required from the individual.


Clerk of Scales

A Clerk of the Scales ensures that each rider in a race is carrying the correct allocated weight. They weigh the jockeys and their riding gear prior to going out to ride and then again when they return. Often jockeys will have to carry lead in their saddle to get their total weight up to the allocated weight by the handicapper. This role requires exceptional attention to detail as a horse that weighs in light will be disqualified from the race.



A Starter is the person who releases a field of horses from the barriers to begin a race. The Barrier Attendants and Jockeys communicate with the starter to ensure each horse is in a ready position to race. The Starter has a view over the field on a rostrum and releases the barriers when they believe all horses will be allowed a fair start. If a horse isn't given a fair start they may be declared a non-runner by stewards to protect those wagering on the race.


Photo Finish Operator/Judge 

The finish of a race is captured by photo finish equipment, a person is required to operate this and then pass the photo onto the official Judge. The Judge then determines the placings and margins of the race which in turn permits the results to be published. The need for accuracy and integrity is high, coming up with the correct outcome is vitally important due to the wagering and the amount of prizemoney involved.


Clerk of the Course

The Clerk of the Course is mounted on a horse and assists the racehorses and jockeys before and after a race. Their roles may include leading some horses to the barriers prior to a start and also act in emergencies to catch loose horses if they break through the barriers or dislodge their riders at any point.

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