Horse Health & Wellbeing

Outside of veterinary care there are other specialist thoroughbred health and well-being fields. Trainers and owners require their horses to perform at an optimum level at all times to do so they ensure they are afforded every bit of care possible to have them feeling their best.


Equine Dentist 

Professional specialist dental care is required as part of regular horse maintenance. This care requires a high level of skill and knowledge in a variety of dental aspects. The way in which a horses teeth are cared for has a direct impact on the way they race and work with a bridle on.

To become an Equine Dentist you will need to complete a Certificate in Equine Dentistry.

For all EDAA Dentist and EDAA Course Enquiries:

The Equine Dental Association of Australia

ABN 56 077 327 989

PO Box 2132 Geelong  Vic.  3220

Phone: 0422 810 299


Equine Acupuncture & Massage

Following in the footsteps of highly successful Eastern Medicine treatments on human athletes such as acupuncture and massage, it is now common practice for trainers to utilise the same methods on their equine athletes.

Acupuncture involves inserting needles into the skin to treat pain and relieve pressure, whereas a masseuse manipulates the area of pain or tightness.


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