Betting Services

As wagering is a key element in the racing industry, there are roles within the betting services area that need to be filled. As these are available only on race day, people in these positions often have other jobs as well.


Bookmakers Clerk

A Bookmakers Clerk is responsible for the processing of bets that are placed through a Bookmaker. Clerks are employed by Bookmakers and must be licensed by the respective Principle Racing Authority. A Bookmakers Clerk is responsible for handling cash and calling the bet, and/or entering the bet into the computer and printing out the ticket. They will also cash tickets for customers after correct weight is declared.


Tote Operator 

Much like a Bookmakers Clerk, a Tote Operator processes the bets placed through the tote on course. Tote Operators will need appropriate accreditation which comes with being employed by the Tote. Again, this is a service that is only available on race days so people in these roles will usually have another job as well. This may include working at a local Tote as the same accreditation is required. The Tote Operator will receive bets orally and cash winning tickets after correct weight so will need excellent cash handling skills.

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