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May 21, 2019
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Kennedy Racing is a newly established racing organisation built on the idea of taking world best practises and incorporating them into all aspects of thoroughbred racing.

As we begin our journey in building our racing organisation we are looking for motivated and talented individuals who embody horsemanship and the qualities to learn and evolve.

World renown horseman Monty Roberts leads the Kennedy Racing team as special advisor and will be the direct lead for the successful applicant.

The successful candidate's tasks will include;

  • brush and groom, feed, handle and exercise horses, and lead them to their stables
  • check horses for lameness, common injuries, ailments and infections
  • give first aid, medication or other treatment to horses when required
  • clean and maintain stables and training equipment
  • accompany horses to registered race meetings

The preferred skills/requirements include;

  • Minimum five years experience in our around the thoroughbred industry
  • Horse handling, from haltering and leading to saddling etc...

Must be familiar with;

  • Basic riding equipment (bridles, reins, saddles...etc)
  • Horse training equipment (lunge lines, halters...etc)
  • Horse nutrition, fitness, injury prevention and care

Position Location - on Course, Pakenham Race Club

Full-Time, Part-Time and Casual opportunities available

Please apply online or forward your resume to

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