Lakeview Resources
November 23, 2018
Job Type
A Certificate III or equivalent International qualification


Lakeview Resources is currently seeking an experienced and capable horse person to assist our current Farm Manager:
Horse Trainer/Breeding
Duties will include:
• Overseeing the daily care and supervision of horses
• Overseeing a small team of staff particularly in the absence of the farm manager
• Foaling down 30 plus mares and being responsible for the pre and post natal care of broodmares and foals including being aware and knowing how to treat sick mares and foals.
• Education of foals, weanlings and yearlings
• Preparing yearlings to a high standard for major yearling sales throughout Australia, including travelling of horses and presenting them at the sales.
• Assisting veterinarians with the ultrasound/reproductive examination of mares. Being familiar with the cycles of mares and being able to tease and prepare mares adequately for breeding.
• Monitoring the mares during their pregnancy
• Overseeing the vaccination, farrier and worming programs of horses
• Sound knowledge of nutrition and appropriate feeding methods.
The salary will be above award – in the range of $55,000 to $60,000 for the right applicant
Essential Skills
All applicants must have a minimum of 3 years full time professional experience in stud work with management experience.
• Knowledge and experience of horse training and handling methods specific to thoroughbred breeding and yearlings
• Knowledge, skills and experience of stable management and preparation of horses for sale
• Knowledge and ability to carry out the appropriate administration of medication to horses. Including IV, IM injections and bandaging. Having the ability to correctly assess lameness and illness in the horse and accurately diagnose how to treat the ailment.
• Proven ability to train and educate horses
• Oral and written communication skills of a level to take instruction and to direct junior staff members
• A high level of record keeping and management of horses
• Knowledge of safe operation of all equipment and use of personal protective gear.
• Sound knowledge of health and safety obligations and demonstrated skills in the operation of equipment relevant to the training and preparation of racehorses
Desirable Qualification
• A Certificate III or equivalent International qualification

Salary: $55,000.00 to $60,000.00 /year




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