A Farrier is responsible for the trimming and shaping of horses' hooves they form, fit and shapes horseshoes to their hooves - and work across racing stables, stud farms and large equestrian establishments.

A Farrier is a skilled person who may be trained in 'blacksmithing' so they can correctly shape a shoe or plate to fit the horse properly.  They routinely perform procedures on horses, evaluating soundness of the horses lower limbs ensuring hooves are healthy, they should be physically strong and be able to communicate well with horses, owners and veterinarians.

Thoroughbred trainers and stud farms will only use a farrier that is qualified. Farriers are mainly self employed, however some race clubs, larger stables and stud farms also employ farriers. The pathway to becoming a qualified farrier involves undertaking an apprenticeship.  In order to be a farrier for racehorses, you must be licensed by your relevant Principal Racing Authority (PRA).

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