The nature of thoroughbred horse racing makes it one of the most diverse and exciting industries to be involved in.
Work Riders
Track Rider
Track Rider About A Track Rider plays a vital role in conditioning thoroughbreds to a level of fitness suitable for
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Stablehand About  The duties of a Stablehand include grooming, feeding, walking, keeping the stable clean, saddling up and attending the
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Stud Hand
Stud Hand About  Stud Hand's can choose from jobs listed in many different States in Australia frequently positions are available
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Thoroughbred Trainer
Thoroughbred Trainer   About The fundamental function of a thoroughbred Trainer is to condition racehorses to the level of fitness
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Farrier About A Farrier is responsible for the trimming and shaping of horses' hooves and forms, fits and shapes horseshoes
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Horse Health & Wellbeing
Horse Health & Well-being About Outside of veterinary care there are other specialist horse health and well-being fields. Trainers require
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Jockey About  Becoming a Jockey can be a tough but rewarding full time career in a highly competitive sporting industry.
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Steward About  Stewards are fundamentally responsible for conducting race meetings and ensuring that the Rules of Racing are adhered to.
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Racing Operations
Racing Operations   About Each Principal Racing Authority has a Racing Operations department which run the administrative side of racing.
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Race Caller
Race Caller About  A Race Caller is responsible for the calling of races and trials. Race Callers are employed by
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